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Woof Woof & Welcome to our Blog!

As we are growing bigger by the week I thought it might be beneficial to create a blog to keep our awesome fluffy customers (and their parents!) updated about our in salon changes, schedules and antics!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

My gosh, busy is an understatement! Although we are stoked to have recently been voted South Australia's 2nd Best Dog Groomer (More below!) with it has come an ever bigger increase in enquiries and bookings. We were busy enough before the results and now its hectic! Unfortunately as a result we are booked up about 5-6 weeks in advance! As I said, although we are ecstatic the salon is growing so quickly and word of mouth is travelling so far, we feel for our regular customers who are having to wait as a result! Please be assured that we are doing our best to fit your pooch in as quickly as humanly possible!

Online Booking - NOW OPEN!

Did you know that you can now book online directly from our home page? It's super easy - as long as your email address is registered with us (some of our more long term clients may not have your email address in our system - but just a quick email, call or text with the details and we can add it to your file!) you can then use your registered email to create an account and make bookings wherever you are! Please note that bookings made outside of this system (over the phone, in person etc) will not appear on the online booking module - only bookings made within the online system will show on the online system.

Votes are in - 2nd Best Dog Groomer in South Australia!!

We are still reeling - 2nd best in SA! The Advertiser recently did a story with voting for Adelaide's Best Dog Groomer and after one of our amazing customers Angela with Gigi nominated us we actually ended up being voted the 2nd best in all of SA! We are amazed with this result and thank all of our incredible customers and fans and friends and family! Thankyou so much!

That's it for today! Thanks for reading and here's your doggy fact for the day -

Your dog can smell your feelings. In fact, your dog’s sense of smell is approximately 100,000 times better than yours. So it shouldn’t be shocking that they can in fact, smell things such as fear. When a human is fearful, they perspire, and a dog is easily able to pick up on this change.

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