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What makes us, Us?

Professional Canine Stylists has been around since 1983. Originally located on Unley Rd, Professional Canine Stylists got a whole new look and location in October 2019 when we moved to 261 Goodwood Rd, Kings Park SA.


We are a small boutique spa & salon who pride ourselves on our patience and love for your dogs and our high grooming standards. Whilst many other grooming salons use neck restraints, we do not use the same practices and do not see the need to. With patience, a calm approach and a love for dogs, we believe many dogs will happily stand on the grooming table for the process.

All our staff are ruled by dogs & other animals ourselves, and we know how hard it can be to leave your furbaby with someone you don't know, but rest assured our primary job is making your loved one totally comfortable, happy & help them enjoy the experience as much as possible!

Our Team

Our Team


Owner & Groomer

Alicia has been grooming since 2012

She has a special interest in double

coated breeds and cat grooming.

You will often see her three kids, Bonnie, Ross & Lexi at the salon too.

She has 2 dogs Link & Boost and two Cats Billy & Eva.

IMG_1711 (1).JPG

Manager & Groomer

Belinda has been involved in the animal industry for many, many years, starting off working in an upmarket boarding facility and then finding her passion in grooming. Bel has also completed her Bachelor of Science (Animal Behaviour). Bel enjoys spending time with her horse Sam.



Jade has been grooming since 2020 and been bathing since 2019. She has a special place in her heart for golden retrievers! She loves playing with all our dogs too! Jade loves spending time with her friends and family and has two beautiful little dogs, Flynn and Ollie.

Image by Charles Deluvio


Ella was fresh to us in 2021 but has surpassed all expectations and is a confident and quick learning groomer with a loving, calm approach to all dogs. Ella is currently studying Animal Behaviour and has two beautiful canines herself, a Blue Heeler and a chihuahua, Elkie & Dixie.



Leela started in 2022 as our bather. She has been doing great and fits well into our salon team! She is lovely with all our furry clients and they can pick up on her warm personality. She has a beautiful Hungarian Vizsla named Nalaroo, who she is currently training for sledding.

Our Spa Premises

Our gorgeous new salon was completely refurbished in late 2019. The vision for the salon was to cater to all personalities of dogs. Although many doggy owners do not like the idea of cages, free roaming does not suit all dog personalities and is not practical in a busy salon environment where there are sharp tools & busy feet.

We wanted spaces dedicated to allow both the safety of dogs & our staff, the ability to keep parents happy and the security & comfort of dogs with social anxiety or senior/mobility problems. 

From this our salon was born, recreated with a dedicated playpen for social dogs, individual pens for anxious dogs, cages for senior/very special needs dogs and lastly a safe, secure yard for larger dogs to play.

In our playpen, social dogs have the ability to play or rest, they can watch the world go by or wait for the owner's car to pull up, and they don't feel the confines of an enclosure.


For those waiting patiently in the individual pens, they feel the security of an enclosure around them, they are able to see other dogs but are comfortable to relax alone in the safety of their own company.

Those with dementia, high social anxiety, mobility problems & sight issues will feel at home in our large cages, situated in the grooming with us so they are within our quick sight and access at all times.

And lastly the boisterous, playful large breeds can feel completely free in our safe and fun yard, featuring shade & sun, a playground, multiple beds and grass. 

Our Spa Premises
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