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Cat grooming is a whole different world than dog grooming. Our feline friends are quicker, less predictable and have stubborn personalities. They also are not as used to being groomed (although some rag dolls may dispute that!) as dogs are. Not only this, but most kitty’s are very proficient at keeping themselves looking lovely throughout the seasons.


However, sometimes due to age, medical conditions or even just personality and moods, their personal grooming can become lax. In turn, some of the longer hair varieties can quickly become matted if they are not cleaning themselves sufficiently as they do are therefore not removing their dead hair when it sheds. Sometimes the matting can become so tight that it starts to pull on the skin, which is no fun for the kitty. This is where a groomer May need to step in!


At this stage, only the owner Alicia Benz can and will groom kitties and she is available for cat days on Tuesdays only at this stage. She has 3 cats of her ownm Billy, Eva and Snowdrop.


Bits to Know about Cat Grooming


  • Cats can show very little warning before biting and their bites are quite toxic due to having dirty mouths (but such beautiful clean coats as a result!!) I will never push a cat beyond its point of stress. Once a kitty starts panting I will give him a break and try again in 5 mins. If this happens again I will call his human and ask you to come and pick him up. We do not want a stressed cat, often times this can affect their moods and personality for several days and this must be avoided if we can. 


  • Cat grooming is not for aesthetics but rather for comfort and sanitary reasons. You may request a hairstyle and if your cat is happy and content with the grooming process I am happy to try it out, but the cats comfort and wellbeing comes first at all times.

  • Cats skin is also very thin and if severe matting is present then cuts and tears can occur when clipping their hair but obviously I will do my absolute best to avoid this happening. If this does happen, neither myself or Professional Canine Stylists are liable for any vet costs if that is what is required, although majority of the time when they occur it is very minor.

  • Due to popular demand we are now offering cat only grooming days. This is still not the place for the more timid of our feline friends due to the process of bringing them out of the house, into the car and into a salon smelling of dogs, but it does allow cats to feel more comfortable for the process. 

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