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Adelaide's First Sustainable Dog Grooming Salon


We are now 100% sustainable! Zero Waste!

We at Professional Canine Stylists know how vital it is for us to care about our beautiful planet. That is why we have just joined forces with Sustainable Salons and are now 100% sustainable. We even recycle our hair!

Relax, your furbaby is having a spa day!

We aren't your average dog grooming salon. We cater to all varieties of breeds, temprements and personalities. Like humans, all dogs are created uniquely and we believe in a spa day that ticks the box for all dogs.

What makes us, us?

How are we different from all the other dog grooming salons?

Spa Services

From luxury grooming, to basic baths, to nails!

Opening Hours!

When are our doors open for wagging tails.

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